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Journey of Hotstar Infra from EC2 to containers

Submitted by Prakhar Joshi (@prakharj) on Jul 26, 2019

Section: Full talk (40 mins) Category: DevOps Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


This talk will focus on Hotstar’s journey from EC2 to Kubernetes. The main reasons for migrating to kuberntes was the challenges and limitations we faced while scaling infrastructure of Hotstar at peaks. This talk will also cover challenges faced during migrations and performance tuning of applications on containers.


  1. About Hotstar
  2. Hotstar at IPL 2018
  3. Ec2 challenges at Scale
  4. Migration to kubernetes
  5. Challanges in kubernetes migration
  6. Performance tuning for IPL‘19 and WC
  7. Hotstar at IPL‘19/WC

Speaker bio

Prakhar is Infrastructure Engineer at Hotstar, India’s leading OTT provider that holds a global concurrency record for live streaming to 25Mn+ viewers. At Hotstar, he loves automating deployments using terraform and scale infrastrure of hotstar on kubernetes. He is also passionate about Infra security.



  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 11 months ago

    Thanks for an interesting proposal, Prakhar. We will confirm your talk as a crisp talk for Rootconf Pune. We will update you about pre-event rehearsal and speaking policies of Rootconf Pune in this week.

  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 10 months ago

    Thanks for the rehearsal yesterday, Prakhar. Here are the feedback points and changes to be made to the slide and flow of the presentation:

    1. Context about Hotstar should be shortened and limited to the journey you are discussing.
    2. Why was EC2 used in the tech stack to start with? Why was the tech stack what it was, when you started? (This is because you explained the tech stack before the migration. So in addition to explain what, you should also state why this stack/architecture was chosen in the beginning.) You have explained what was the limitation with EC2, but why EC2 was used in the first place hasn’t been explained.
    3. Show a table of the before-and-after Kubernetes situation. This will help the audience get the context.
    4. The migration section can be made crisper. Some visuals or diagrams will help, here.
    5. Game day readiness slide could also have a visual.
    6. Maybe an architecture diagram, which serves as an anchor slide, will help. You can keep referring to the diagram to show before-and-after situation. You can also consider animating this diagram.
    7. Presentation needs a concluding slide with your learnings.
    8. Move your contact information details towards the end, since participants will be more cued to noting your contact details at the end of the session, rather than at the beginning.

    Submit your revised slides by 31 August, latest, so that we can schedule a second rehearsal in the first week of September.

  • Vishal Biyani (@vishal-biyani) 10 months ago

    Hi Prakhar, I have some comments on the shared presentation. The content is thin in slides so I am not sure if some of my comments are addressed in talk but let me post some key items:

    1) For use case mentioned in deck - even if containers can boot fast enough, they will fill the existing instances pretty fast. So the problem of instance/node scaling still remains - how was that handled?

    2) When you say “Standardize deployment Across” - what those platforms are?

    3) Game Day readiness:

    3.1: Tuning Scaling Parameters - what paremeters were tuned exactly?
    3.2: I am not sure what “Horizontal scaling of infra resources” means?

  • Neependra Khare (@neependra) 10 months ago

    Hi Prakhar,

    I too agree with Vishal about the thin content on slide. Also I don’t think word cloud is good to put across your points. They are very difficult to follow in this context. Other than the points mentioned by Vishal I would like to see following:-

    • A high-level architecture diagram of IPL‘19 setup
    • Some details on capacity planning
    • Detials on Logging and Monitoring
    • Did custom metrics used for scaling? If yes then would it be possible to share more details?
    • Details on one-click deployment
  • Anwesha Das (@anweshasrkr) 10 months ago


    The deadline for submitting your revised slides was 30th August. I haven’t received an update on your revised slides. Since the conference is drawing near, 4 September is the hard stop for your revised slides. It is crucial that you submit your revised slides on time. There are a lot of steps to be carried out after the submission of the revised slides.

    I hope you understand the time crunch. Look forward to your cooperation.


  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 10 months ago

    Hello Prakhar,

    Here is the feedback from today’s rehearsal:

    1. Include pictorial representation.
    2. Avoid having text heavy slide.
    3. Show the stack, but cut down in the verbal representation.
    4. Do not iterate the same thing what is there on your slides.
    5. Have a conversational and empathetic tone during the talk, make a connection with audience.
    6. Start with the story, the problems you have faced.

    Submit your revised slides by 9th Monday.


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