Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

How fast can you onboard a new team member

vivek parihar

20 minutes22 May 2014

Continuous Multi-stack Deployments on Cloud using Docker

Vinothini Raju

20 minutes23 May 2014

DDOS mitigation @flipkart

Sameer Garg

28 minutes 5 June 2014

Scaling to 2000 request per second with MongoDB

Suchit Puri

17 minutes 5 June 2014

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services foundation


48 minutes23 May 2014

Automation using RobotFramework for embedded device

Sriramkumar vh

27 minutes 5 June 2014

CitoEngine: Alert management and automation tool.

Cyrus Dasadia

20 minutes 1 June 2014

Avoiding single point of failure in a multi-services architecture

Gurteshwar Singh

30 minutes22 May 2014

Testing Infrastructure Code using Test-kitchen,Docker and Chef-Zero

Kamalika Majumder

42 minutes23 May 2014

Quick Prototyping with LXC and Puppet

Benjamin Kero

44 minutes22 May 2014

Tsuru - Serve it yourself.

Rohit Nair

35 minutes22 May 2014

Scale anything with haproxy

Mohamed Imran K R

17 minutes22 May 2014

Production is Priority - Self Fix / Heal Techniques

Jabir Ahmed

20 minutes22 May 2014

Building Orchestration and Configuration with Ansible

Aditya Patawari

46 minutes 1 June 2014

Building Elastic Infrastructures

Pankaj Kaushal

42 minutes22 May 2014

Mesos: Cluster management framework and it's role at Shopify


42 minutes 1 June 2014

When the Internet Bleeded

Anant Shrivastava

43 minutes 5 June 2014
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