Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

Mohamed Imran K R


Scale anything with haproxy

Submitted Apr 3, 2014

Introduce and demonstrate haproxy as a web-scale load-balancer


  • Introduce haproxy as a webscale load-balancer capable of scaling any workloads
  • Demonstrate haproxy as a solution to scaling webservers, webservices, DB and discuss just about scaling any specific technology the audience wants to discuss
  • Discuss load-balancing strategies with an example
  • Discuss specific architecure solutions for magento, wordpress, drupal and elucidate how even a structureless/frameworkless app can be scaled
  • Introduce inotify based sync mechanism as an alternative to shared storage for use in load-balanced webservers
  • Introduce to security features of haproxy like rate-limiting and blackholing techniques to avoid webservers from being overwhelmed by specific attacks (should not be taken as DDoS protection schemes)
  • Demonstrate any audience query on load-balancing with an example (time permitting, we can do a full deployment)


  • GNU/Linux laptops with SSH clients or windows laptops with putty
  • SSH public keys generated and ready (we can give access to demo infra setup with load-balancers and the audience can modify configs on them to test their specific questions)

Speaker bio

open source fanboy, COO of E2ENetworks


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