Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

Scaling to 2000 request per second with MongoDB


Suchit Puri


The Objective of this session is to showcase my experiences with developing , scalling to 2000 req/sec and performance testing the website for one of the biggest media houses of the UK .


In this session i will talk about

1) How important is “Schema Design” when scalling mongo.
2) Mongo Sharding .
3) Locking mechanisms in Mongo ( DB level locks , mongo instance level locking ).
4) Replication mechanisms in a mongo shard.
5) Performance testing the applicatoin , we used
6) The Good side of mongo - the flixibility it provides to your application
7) Problems faced with migrations.

Speaker bio

I am an agilist and ardent follower of XP best practices like TDD, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration and continuous deployments. I have worked for clients ranging from small startups to big MNC’s ; getting involved during project inceptions/client management, juggling many hats; doing analysis, coding, deployments and automation during a project’s life-cycle. I have also been doing consulting on Agile Adoption , TDD ,CI.
I work for Thoughtworks.