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Building React Native

Submitted Apr 25, 2018

React Native is a great way to build native apps for iOS, Android and other rmobile platforms. In this talk, we will look at the internals of React Native, and how code written in JavaScript can power a fully native mobile application. We will look at the various parts of the system like the bridge, the UI manager and the plugins. We will also touch upon the rendering process and compare it to React’s rendering on the web. We will look at some of the new and exciting improvements powered by Fiber, and talk about the the interesting experiments and upcoming features. This talk stems from my experiences as a web-developer newbie on the React Native team, and is an attempt to document my journey in comprehending the code base. At the end of the talk, the attendees will not only be able to build React Native apps, but also understands how it all works together.


This talk is about my experience as a web developer, understanding the REact Native code base. Using Javascript to power native mobile apps is amazing, and in this talk, we could cover

  1. The react philosophy, and how React Native is a natural extension to React JS
  2. The native parts of React Native, and how they interact with ReactJS
  3. Differences between React DOM and React Native rendering
  4. Upcoming improvements to the rendering pipelines of React DOM and React Native

Speaker bio

Parashuram is a software engineer at Facebook, working on the React Native core team. Before Facebook, he worked at Microsoft on React Native related products like CodePush, Mobile Center and VS Code debugger for React Native. Parashuram has been working with JS based Mobile App development technologies and is also a committer in the Apache Cordova project


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