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Arjun Hariharan


Idiot-proof coding with Typescript and React

Submitted Nov 12, 2017

Typescript has been gaining a lot of traction in the last couple of years as seen from the Stackoverflow Developer survey 2017, Angular 2 embracing Typescript and integrating it closely with the ecosystem etc. This talk is about

  1. Typescript and why use it.
  2. Who are using typescript and what does the JS community have to say about it.
  3. React-Redux-webpack stack with Typescript
  4. Linting with TSLINT and integration with VSCode
  5. Auto completion, refactoring and navigation with typescript.
  6. Breif introduction to typescript in server side (NodeJs) for full stack development.
  7. Typescript best practices


  1. Introduction to typescript
    What is it and why use it
    Latest updates from the community

  2. Setting up React-Redux-Webpack with Typescript

  3. Demo: Create a simple login component with Typescript
    Demonstrate best coding practices with typescript by creating interfaces for component state and props first, then proceeding to the code.
    Cover features like auto completion, code navigation.

  4. Demo: Create typescript interfaces for reducers, action etc and integrate with login component.

  5. Demo: Add TSlint to the project and integrate with VS Code.

  6. Demo: Refactor the login form
    Demonstrate how typescript helps to refactor code, reduce development time and improve code quality.

  7. Demo: Typescript in Nodejs
    Full stack development has become a norm in the industry these days. This demo will show how easy it is to code with typescript across the stack.

  8. Best practices
    When and how to create global interface, overriding interfaces etc.

Speaker bio

Senior Software Engineer and a founding memeber at Velotio Technologies. Arjun leads multiple projects in the SAAS and Chat-Bots domain and works with technologies like NodeJs, ReactJs, BotKit, RASA NLU (Natural language understanding). Arjun has also worked extensively in the Infrastructure space with tools like Chef, Docker and kubernetes and has played a key role in helping many corporates migrate their legacy app to micro services based architecture.


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