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On lessons learned during implementation.

Styleguide Driven Development

Submitted by Darpan Kakadia (@kakadiadarpan) on Dec 1, 2017

Section: Full talk on success and failure stories with React; code overheads and code rewrite stories with React Technical level: Intermediate Status: Cancelled


All of us have heard about different kinds of driven development. With React, emerged a new one - styleguide driven development(SDD). A lot of people don’t get it, some would like to adopt it, and there are very few who work this way. Why? You know about it’s importance and technical implementation details. But where to start from? From this talk you’ll get to know how awesome React development can be with the SDD and how to start with it.


  • What’s wrong with the current development cycle?
  • What is SDD?
  • The SDD process
  • How to introduce SDD?
  • Why SDD?


Basic understanding of React

Speaker bio

UI Engineer @Cleartrip, loves JavaScript, travelling, and photography.



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