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PWA with React

Submitted by Neeraj Singh (@neerajsingh47) on Dec 15, 2017

Section: Full talk on success and failure stories with React; code overheads and code rewrite stories with React Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are spreading across the web faster than anyone could have predicted. Combining the best of both the web and apps, PWAs load quickly (even on flaky networks), can re-engage with users by sending push notifications, have an icon on the home screen, and load as top-level, full screen experiences.
In this talk, I’ll explain how to build one with React from installation to caching strategy, implementing push notifications, handling updates along with useful resources. I’ll also explain how to get the best of Lighthouse in the process.


• Basic introduction of PWA: How it’s different from regular web apps and the associated benefits • Service Workers: Brief explanation of service worker API, its lifecycle methods and relation with PWA • Installation using React and configuration through Webpack • Caching strategy, push notifications, handling updates • Relevant resources and using Lighthouse

Speaker bio

Hi, I’m Neeraj Singh currently working as Senior Developer at GeekyAnts.



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