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Building custom renderers with React

Submitted by Satyajit Sahoo on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Section: Full talk on success and failure stories with React; code overheads and code rewrite stories with React Technical level: Advanced Status: Confirmed & Scheduled

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React has enabled us to write complex UIs with a great declarative API. Under the hood, React’s reconciler optimizes by diffing the old and new tree, usually known as virtual DOM diffing. The latest version of React uses a Fiber architecture to implement the reconciler. The reconciler backs custom renderers like React DOM and React Native to target various platforms. In this talk we’ll implement a custom renderer with react-reconciler. We’ll also take a brief look at various custom renderers in the wild to have an idea of what can be acheived.


The talk will focus on the following key points

  • What is a custom renderer
  • Why should you build one
  • What is “fiber”
  • What is “reconciliation”
  • How to build a custom renderer with react-reconciler
  • Integration with React devtools
  • More resources on Fiber and custom renderers

Speaker bio

Satyajit Sahoo is a frontend developer at Callstack, and a core contributor to React Native. He is skilled in building React and React Native apps and has a good understanding of the internals.




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