Meta Refresh 2015

The web in your pocket

Adit Gupta


Using "Hooked" model to design a social network for science

Submitted Jan 20, 2015

Users will understand the intricacies of designing a social network from scratch including interaction design concepts, layout strategies, typography, responsive design and visual design.


Designing a social network is a challenge in itself and if the network is for science lovers, the whole process becomes a lot more interesting. We’ll take an in-depth look in designing a social network for science along with the special tools that we’ve developed to attract the scintific community. We’ll go throguh the entire design process for web and mobile including interaction design concepts, layout, typography and visual design. And the heart of the entire talk would be the “hooked” model that helped us to make the network more engaging and rewarding for our users.

Speaker bio

Designed and developed Function Space - a social learning network for science. Also, happens to be its founder :)



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