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Ajay Vishnu


Waking the Maker

Submitted Jan 21, 2015

From the begining, applications have always been designed with a two way agreement between humanity & technology. We learning them & they learning us. It’s time that we take charge. But to do this, we need to teach them faster. Connect our world to theirs. Create - The Internet of Things.

This session will help to realize the steps involved in leveraging the Internet of things & it’s potential in shaping a better tomorrow.


People fear change, People fear the unknowns. Giants are bieng forced to consume the Dwarves. Complex seems uninvited. And a mysterious group of people seem to be in charge - The Makers. But little do we know that we are all already a part of this revolution. The tools, the weapons, are already with us.

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, whether it be Javascript or Python, Compiled or Interpreted, Frontend or Backend - Today’s world allows you to make wonders with anything.

We can control everything with the very knowledge we have. All it requires is a bit of tinkering & bit more of curiousity.


A Maker Hat

Speaker bio

I’m a hacker by heart, coder by profession. Live to Die in a technology rich world.

And For those who dig in, I :
code @
sleep @
& enjoy making things @


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