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Vagmi Mudumbai


Building apps that run at 60fps on the mobile with Elm

Submitted Feb 21, 2015

Participants will walk away with an appreciation of the Elm programming language that shows an entirely new way of building javascript applications. Its type safety ensures that you will never see errors like “undefined is not a function”.


Elm is a functional programming language that eliminates run time errors in Javascript. It supports Virtual DOM based approach for building apps for both HTML and SVG based DOM that has been popularized by frameworks like React.js. I will introduce the basics concepts of Elm using the Elm.Html and why virtual-dom and immutable data structures are great ideas. We can then look at the the awesomeness of the Elm Reactor project that lets us all give demos like Bret Victor in Inventing on Principle.


A laptop with a working browser and internet connection. We will be primarily using for the code samples.

Speaker bio

Vagmi Mudumbai is mostly a developer. He welcomes all things λ. He heads a high end consultancy Tarka Labs focused on building distributed applications with technologies like Clojure, Javascript, Ruby and Elm. Although he has been a staunch beleiver in the dynamically typed camp (Ruby/Python/JS), he is leaning towards the strongly and statically typed languages camp like Haskell/Purescript/Elm.


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