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JSFoo Chennai 2020

On component architecture, performance, security for front-end, and emerging trends

JSFoo Chennai 2020
JSFoo is a growing community of fullstack engineers, front-end developers and Infosec communities. JSFoo participants are concerned with understanding processes, performance and perspectives on web application development beyond frameworks.

Raman Hall, IITM Research Park, Chennai, Chennai

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Call for proposals

The Chennai edition of JSFoo is a single track event with:

  1. Full talks: 30 mins duration
  2. Crisp talks: 15 mins duration
  3. Flash talks: 5 mins demo with laptop or speaking without laptop
  4. Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions of 1 hour duration
  5. Hands-on workshops of 3-hour or 6-hour duration - where participants follow the instructor on their laptops

We are accepting talks on the following topics:

  1. Use of multiple components - React, Angular, Vue - in a single web application.
  2. Collaborating with teams where an application has multiple components. Talks on these topics can be about tools and/or processes.
  3. Working with vanilla JavaScript – learnings/experiences
  4. Performance - measuring performance, improving performance, testing for performance.
  5. Best practices: debugging and profiling on the web, testing, measuring performance.
  6. Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
  7. New trends and developments - for example JAM Stack.

Review process:

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted with reviews from JSFoo speaker alumni.

To expedite the decision on your proposal, include the following with your submission:

  1. Add links to videos/slide decks if your talk is at an advanced stage of articulation.
  2. If you are presenting a new idea, for which you want review and mentorship, explain problem statement and the key learnings in greater detail.
  3. In general, submit your proposal early so that we have more time to iterate. You can always edit your proposal after submitting the first version.

JSFoo’s policy is to showcase talks where the insights are free for participants to take back and apply to their work. If you are referring to a proprietary technology for solving a web application development problem, consider picking up a sponsored session.

Important dates:

Last date for submissions: 3 March, 2020

Event date: 3 April, 2020

Final schedule announcement: 6 March, 2020


Write to for inquiries about speaking at the conference.

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Confirmed sessions

Captain Marvellous JavaScript - A look at how hackers use JS

Riyaz Walikar (@riyazw) via Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa)

  • Thu, 16 Jan

Unconfirmed proposals

Exploring the UI component explorer - StoryBook

Deepika Masilamani (@deepika19)

  • Wed, 29 Jan

Rise of JAMStack: Building fast and secure websites

Jawahar (@jawahars16)

  • Mon, 20 Jan

SnowPack: Building Web applications with Less tooling

Rajasegar Chandiran (@rajasegar)

  • Thu, 16 Jan