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JSFoo Chennai 2020

On component architecture, performance, security for front-end, and emerging trends

JSFoo Chennai 2020
JSFoo is a growing community of fullstack engineers, front-end developers and Infosec communities. JSFoo participants are concerned with understanding processes, performance and perspectives on web application development beyond frameworks.

Raman Hall, IITM Research Park, Chennai, Chennai

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JSFoo is a platform for:

  1. Practitioners to share insights from their work about web application development.
  2. Learning from peers.
  3. Discovery of emerging trends for JavaScript in India.
  4. Understanding perspectives on component architecture, front-end security, performance and emerging trends.

Participate in JSFoo as:

  1. Participant
  2. Speaker
  3. Volunteer
  4. Reviewer
  5. Collaborator
  6. Sponsor

and discover the growing JavaScript community in India.

Talks from previous editions of JSFoo are published on hasgeek.tv/jsfoo

The Chennai edition will be held on 3 April 2020 at Raman Hall, IITM Research Park, Chennai.

For inquiries about speaking/collaborating with JSFoo, write to jsfoo.editorial@hasgeek.com

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For more details on the Sponsorship and ticket inquiries, write to sales@hasgeek.com or call 7676332020


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Raman Hall, IITM Research Park, Chennai

32, Kanagam Road, Kanagam


Chennai - 600113

Tamil Nadu, IN