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Paul Napier


RNDM - Serverside React Native

Submitted Feb 11, 2019

Can React Native be written on a Server and deployed as a JSON response?

Answer: YES!

RNDM is a suite of low code tools that wraps React, React Native, React Native Web and React Native Windows that allows true cross-platform development across 8 platforms (with one more on the way!).

But more than that, RNDM provides functionality for writing Server-side React Native that can be transformed in to component driven real-time API responses for zero-deployment application changes.

Simply put, you can now create an application and dynamically in real-time, change the entire flow of the user experience across every user, or targeting specific platforms, demographics, a/b testing cohort or any other metric. All through JSON.


RNDM is a suite of low code tools that make use of Node, React, React Native, React Native Web, React Native Windows and more so as to address concepts such as:

  • Reducing boiler plate code
  • Increasing Cross Platform code reuse
  • Open sourcing plugin
  • Server-side delivery of components, functionality, middleware and renderers

In this session, you will be introduced to a template that consolidates the efforts of multiple frameworks to support the same codebase across iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Web, Windows 10, Windows 10 Phone and Xbox.

You will then see how React Native code can be written on a server and delivered via simple JSON responses to create entire functional native applications, with the possibility of updating a full application in real-time with zero application deployment.

  • No Application Submission
  • No Codepush
  • Only API base React Native Applications on all 8 platforms

To review the projects ahead of time you can visit the RNDM.com site with full documentation as well as a playground:

Or checkout the open source GitHub page:

Or the NPM Org Page:


Nothing! Low-code needs less setup ;)

Speaker bio

Paul Napier

RNDM Founder and Low Code Advocate
Paul is a passionate advocate of low code solutions. His career in code began when he worked in sales, as he discovered that his distaste for repetitive tasks could be overcome by learning how to automate them. Since then he has learned and taught multiple programming languages including Objective C, Java, Swift, Kotlin, C# and JavaScript.

He works across projects covering a wide area of platforms including TVs, Mobile, Desktop, Web and Server. Leading teams to deliver world-class applications with high code reuse, sharing and testability.

In his spare time, he dedicates much of his attention to building open-source low code solutions and to teaching kids how to code.


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