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Ashok Vishwakarma


Not everything can fit in rows and columns

Submitted Mar 27, 2019

Wanted to use Graph Database in your next project? Dgraph made it simple and easy to get started similar to MongoDB, MySQL and etc.


The Graph Database is has been there from a very long time with very restricted use as it requires a lot of time and effort to get started. The way data becoming more unstructured and fitting them in rows and columns is painful, NoSQL solves some problem but it kills the valuable relationship between data.

The Dgraph is a new Graph Database minimizing the time and effort requires to get started with a Graph Database or using a Graph Database as a primary database.

This talk is to get you a heads up about Dgraph as a database, how it can help you with your unstructured data and what it takes to use it in your next project.



Speaker bio

GDE - Web Technologies & Angular | AVP-Engineering, Naukri.com | Ex. PayTM, PayU | 13+ yrs of Experience




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