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Enterprise-grade UI with open source Lightning Web Components

Submitted by Aditya Naag Topalli on Friday, 19 July 2019

Section: Full talk (40 mins) Technical level: Beginner Status: Waitlisted


Earlier this year, Salesforce (Worlds #1 CRM Company) launched Lightning Web Components (LWC), a new Enterprise Grade UI framework based on modern web standards, optimized for performance and developer productivity. This framework is now open sourced which allows developers to build applications on ANY platform of their choice, and also allows them to contribute to the framework and its roadmap.

Join our session where we’ll explore how this framework, based on standard HTML, modern JavaScript (ES6+), and the best of native Web Components, helps you create web components and apps using the stack and tools you prefer.


For the first few minutes, we will explain whats new in web standards which includes ES6+ features and Web Components, after which we will talk about the new enterprise grade framework and explain how it can be used, and what all features it packs with exciting demos all the way.

Speaker bio

I currently work as a Senior Developer Evangelist for Salesforce. I have been working on the Salesforce platform for more than 5 years, hold 9 certifications, experienced in leading technical implementations, delivering webinars and talks globally, and have been at the forefront of building demos and projects on this new UI framework.




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  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer 6 months ago

    Thank you for the submission, Aditya, with the slides and the preview video. The slides have too much content. The initial parts about the introduction to web standards and to web components is a bit too detailed and redundant for the JSFoo audience since participants are practitioners and are aware of this background.

    We believe that it will be useful for participants to get exposure to what has been built at Salesforce. However, this doesn’t merit a full talk session, given that a simple demo will be sufficient for participants to explore and try this on their own.

    You can consider doing this presentation as a flash talk. Flash talks are 5 mins duration. You can either do a demo using your laptop, or make a 5-min presentation without laptop. Flash talks are open to all audience members, and we pre-select some from the proposals submitted. Flash talk presenters have to buy their own conference ticket to participate in JSFoo.

    Let us know if you will be interested in a flash talk on this topic.

    •   Aditya Naag Topalli Proposer 6 months ago

      Hey Zainab, Thank you for letting me know about the kind of content that will be relevant to the particiapants at JSFoo. We will try to keep this in mind for next year. Given the short duration of the Flash Talk, I dont think I will be able to deliver the right message in this time frame. Thank you for the opportunity, and all the best for your event.

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