Fragments 2019

Fragments 2019

State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research.

Flutter : Zero to production in three months for building India's biggest trading platform.

Ajin Asokan, fullstack developer at Zerodha

44 minutes 1 April 2019

Building flexible and testable applications

Vinay S Shenoy, lead product engineer at Obvious

23 minutes 1 April 2019

Building next generational voice augmented experiences for mobile apps

Kumar Rangarajan, co-founder at Slang Labs

41 minutes 1 April 2019

Responsive UI with constraint and motion layout

Imran Mohammed, mobile engineer at Uncommon

21 minutes 1 April 2019

Image uploads for mobile web

Abinash Mohapatra, senior engineer with Flipkart Lite team

24 minutes 1 April 2019

How to optimize app size to below 10 MB

Sourabh Gupta, mobile engineer at Flipkart

25 minutes 1 April 2019

Architectures with Kotlin multiplatform

Jitin Sharma, Android engineer at GO-JEK

29 minutes 1 April 2019

Building predictable and high performance workflows for mobile app development

Ragunath Jawahar, lead product engineer at Obvious

41 minutes 1 April 2019

Which one is for me: React Native/Flutter/Native?

Priyanka Sabhagani, developer at BookMyShow

29 minutes 1 April 2019
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