by Fragments

Fragments 2019

State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research.

Fragments 2019

Fragments 2019

State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research.

by Fragments


30 Mar 2019, Bangalore



TERI auditorium, Bangalore


We have closed submissions for Fragments Conf, Bangalore edition which will be held on 30 March.

If you want to submit a proposal for the conference, add it here:

About Fragments:

Fragments is a conference on mobile engineering, including:

  1. State of platforms/OS
  2. Hardware
  3. Engineering approaches and paradigms
  4. UX

The second edition of Fragments will be held on 30 March 2019.
The 2017 edition was held on 12-13 Sept, 2017. You can view videos from the conference to understand the nature of talks presented in the previous edition.


Fragments 2019 will feature:

  1. Full length talks (40 mins)
  2. Crisp talks (20 mins)
  3. Demos (10 mins)
  4. Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions (60-90 mins).

You can also propose hands-on workshops of 3-hours 6-hours and 12-hours duration. Workshops will be held between 29 and 31 March in Bangalore.

Who should attend the conference?

You should attend Fragments if you are:

  • Sitting on a 2-3 year old platform-specific codebase, and would like to know whether to refactor or rewrite, and how to do so in a future proof way.
  • Developers and product engineers interested in working with new platforms such as Flutter.
  • A product manager, team lead, engineering head or developer who is considering cross platform development frameworks like React Native more seriously and wondering which to choose.
  • A designer or developer who want to learn from peers on streamlining the processes and workflows to make a more efficient mobile development team.
  • A native Android or iOS developer who wants to stay ahead of the curve and understand cross-platform frameworks they should invest time into.





TERI auditorium, Bangalore
4th Main Road
Domlur II Stage, Domlur
Bangalore 560071