Fragments 2019

Fragments 2019

State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research.

Sourabh Gupta (Tech - BLR)


How to Optimize App Size to Below 10 MB

Submitted Feb 22, 2018

Apk Size is the first impression which user gets when he/she installed the app for the First Time. Talk will be about the practices we have followed in last 2 years to keep a check on our app size and able to maintain it consistently below 10 MB ( Single Digit).


Session will cover -:
-: What are the best practices to make sure apk Size is optimized.

-: How to correctly use Proguard and how to validate if your apk is correctly using it.

-: How to make sure Apk Size should not increased drastically release per Release.

-: Even after adding new Framework like React Native how we are able to keep check on our Apk Size and able to make it within a single Digit figure.

-: Learnings of over 2 year and various steps we have done time by time to reduce it.

Speaker bio

Mobile Engineer@Flipkart.Leading Flipkart Android Team to create top class Android Apps for Billions of Users in India




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