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Ajin Asokan


Flutter - Zero to Production in 3 months - Building India's Biggest Trading Platform.

Submitted Mar 18, 2019

Zerodha is India’s biggest retail stock broker, known more as a fintech company than a broking company. Our flagship web and mobile trading apps, Kite, generate 3+ million orders a day, the largest in the industry, contributing to over 10% of all retail volumes across Indian stock exchanges.

Kite 3.0 mobile, the third major iteration of the app, is written from scratch in Flutter. The first two generations were native and React Native respectively. Just two developers learnt, became productive in Flutter, and took the app to market in a handful of months. In this talk, I will share our experience using Flutter, the challenges we faced, and in the end, the amazing productivity boost, app performance, and the additional UI/UX benefits we achieved.


  • Tech @ Zerodha
  • Evolution of Kite mobile
  • Why Flutter
  • Project architecture
  • Code generation
  • Logging & development flow
  • UI/UX
  • Caveats

Speaker bio

Ajin Asokan is a fullstack developer with 10+ years of experience. He dabbles with with .Net, Go, Python, embedded systems, mobile app development, and hardware audio engineering, and is a hobbyist hacker, tinkerer, inventor, and audiophile.

Some recent mobile apps Ajin has worked on:


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