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Which one is for me? React native or flutter or native?

Submitted by Priyanka Sabhagani (@pika) on Monday, 18 February 2019

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


With cross platform development gaining popularity, it might be difficult for you to choose if you should go with React Native or Flutter. At BookMyShow, we’re using React Native in production and exploring Flutter capabilities. In this talk, I would like to share my experience, pros and cons for React native vs Flutter with the help of statistical information on performance. I will also give a demo which will help you decide which tech to choose based on different metrics.


-Differences between cross-platform & native -Flutter vs React Native -Demo -Stats -Conclusion

Speaker bio

Priyanka, a feminist, mobile developer passionate about swift and react native, worked on spectrum of technologies like c#, java, node.js. Always excited to work on new technologies. Loves gymming and adventurous activities. Recently developed interests in public speaking.




  • Robin Huston (@robinhuston) a year ago

    I would prefer React Native.

    • Priyanka Sabhagani (@pika) Proposer a year ago

      I’d love to listen why you chose react native over others. Hope to see you at the conference.

  • Narasimhan DL (@dlnarasimhan) a year ago

    Hi Priyanka,
    Look forward to your talk as a React beginner

    • Priyanka Sabhagani (@pika) Proposer a year ago

      Hey! I’ll be covering what’s the appropriate language for your application. Will see you soon.

  • mohamed hanifa a year ago

    as per your conference . fluter is best option to learn for android developer?🤔🤔

    • Priyanka Sabhagani (@pika) Proposer a year ago

      Hi, if you want customised animations, you should definitely try flutter.
      Choosing the right framework depends entirely on what you need to build.

  • christopherhardy 6 months ago

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