Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India

Effective and efficient mobile engineering

Pratul Kalia

13 September 2017

Mobile AppSec From an Attacker's Perspective

Abhisek Datta

13 September 2017

Empowering Mobile Team to Harness Real Power of CI/CD

Abhinandan Kothari

28 September 2017

React Native: Things we learned the Hard Way

Gaurav Kaushik

29 September 2017

Cross Platform with React Native @ Flipkart

Talha Naqvi

29 September 2017

Improving android apps using Architecture Components

Amrit Sanjeev

29 September 2017

Design patterns for network agnostic android apps

Arun Babu A S P

12 September 2017

REPL driven mobile development with Clojure(script)

Srihari Sriraman

29 September 2017

Running Deep Learning Models on Mobile with optimised speed

A Naveen Kumar

29 September 2017

Code Generation for Zombies

Ragunath Jawahar

29 September 2017

Swifty WebService - Open Sourcing Flipkart iOS App's Networking Stack

Siddharth Gupta

29 September 2017

Lottie: Animating the bridge between Designers and Developers

Chetan Sachdeva

14 September 2017