Logistics conference

Logistics conference

First edition: covering fleet management and mobility

Perfect grocery deliveries: solving location problems unique to India

Aditya Madan, senior product manager at Flipkart

50 minutes26 November 2018

Predicting order batchability

Sunil Rathee, Senior data scientist at Swiggy

29 minutes26 November 2018

Product development for fleet management

Vaibhav Khandelwal, co-founder and CTO at Shadowfax

42 minutes26 November 2018

Supply chain: network intelligence and orchestration

Senthil M, Director of Products at Flipkart

39 minutes26 November 2018

Revenue maximisation from PEDL trips using network analysis and geospatial mapping

Arpit Agarwal, head of data science at Zoomcar

28 minutes26 November 2018

Virtual assistant for hiring last mile workforce

Piyush Makhija, NLP engineer at

24 minutes26 November 2018

Sales fleet transformation and optimisation

Rahul Jain,

34 minutes26 November 2018

Using visualizations for addressing fleet management problems

Jayaram Kasi, co-founder at

16 minutes26 November 2018

Daily Run Sheet is not daily manual work anymore

Divya Choudhary, data scientist at GO-JEK

33 minutes24 November 2018
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