Logistics conference

Logistics conference

First edition: covering fleet management and mobility

Vaibhav Khandelwal


Product development for fleet management

Submitted Nov 21, 2018

India’s last mile delivery network is on a rapid rise in the last decade. With the boom in e-commerce being replicated across verticals of food, grocery and pharmacy, last-mile logistics has become a massive scale phenomena. Fast deliveries and high NPS are the keywords that everyone focusses on.
In this talk, we will focus on what goes under the hood to enable a pleasant experience to the end customer. We will focus on the engineering as well as product challenges and our learnings in the process of solving them. We will also have a closer look on the lifes and priorities of the delivery partners and their close resemblance to the Bharat we know.
The audience will get an exposure on topics ranging from MQTT protocol to gamification techniques to fraud detection. A lot of these learnings can be applied across multiple domains as well.


The talk will be structured in two parts - a) Engineering Challenges and Learnings, b) Product and Operational Challenges and Learnings.
Following topics will be covered in the first part -
1) Location capture with optimised battery drain
2) Open Source Solutions for Routing Engines
Following topics will be covered in the second part -
1) Importance of Gamification for fleet management
2) Building trust among partners with transparent payouts
3) Discussions on impact of in-app traininig methodologies
4) Fraud Detection for effective fleet management

Speaker bio

Co-founder and CTO at Shadowfax


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