The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

On the engineering and business implications of AI & ML



Dhruv Rathi

Dhruv Rathi


Hearts, LLMs, and TPUs: Building Emotionally Intelligent and Safe Digital Humans with Generative AI

Submitted Sep 28, 2023

In the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, the ability to emulate the complexity and emotional nuances of human conversation is a challenging frontier. This talk examines the potential of Generative AI to comprehend and replicate the intricacies of human language. We will delve into the dynamics of human conversation, exploring how to encode aspects of personality, world view, resolutions to self-centeredness and a broad spectrum of emotions into AI systems.

At the heart of our discussion lies the innovative concept of teaching a LLM to predict the emotional dynamics of a conversation multi-step ahead in time along with reducing egocentrism. By harnessing deep insights from billions of analyzed conversations, we aim to guide the tone, style, and content of AI-generated responses, making them more human-like and emotionally astute.

The presentation will also consider the critical aspects of safety and ethics in AI conversation. AI-generated discourse has the potential to be harmful or biased; this talk shares novel SOTA LLM pre-training and fine-tuning strategies to ensure sensible, engaging, and safe communication. We will explore the safety principles and training approaches used by leading organizations such as DeepMind, Meta AI, and Google AI, providing insights into how to enhance the safety and ethical considerations of AI dialogue systems.

Our discourse culminates by addressing the technicalities of training dialog systems, spotlighting the utilization of distributed training in multi-GPU or TPU pod scenarios.


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