Dhruv Rathi

Dhruv Rathi


  • Joined Aug 2023

Dhruv Rathi is the Director of Artificial Intelligence at CHAPTR GmbH. He has a rich experience in AI roles at several early stage Silicon Valley startups, contributing significantly to their growth and success. His current responsibilities at CHAPTR involve the pre-training of LLMs, building ventures through transformer Agents, and pushing the work on Diffusion models within the entertainment industry.

Dhruv’s unique approach to AI combines elements of psychology, with a focus on addressing issues such as ego-centrism, humanism, emotional intelligence, and world-view. Dhruv was associated with Ex-Human, where he was instrumental in developing a highly advanced human-like Conversational AI. His role encompassed fine-tuning large LLMs, experimenting with unique fine-tuning strategies, model architectures, RLHF, and infusing safety and ethics into LLMs. He has worked extensively in building model serving and optimization platforms.

Before joining Ex-Human, he was the Lead AI Engineer at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, U.S. Military. There, he worked on measuring cognitive and physical stress during simulated warfare to help understand and prevent PTSD, and developed SOTA speech models and simulation mechanics using Reinforcement Learning.

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