MetaConfig driven FeatureStore with Feature compute & Serving Platform powering Machine Learning @MakeMyTrip

Submitted Jun 3, 2019

Developing Personalization platform for improving customer experience of millions of Indian travellers

  • FeatureStore with Feature compute & Serving
  • Why Feature Catalog cannot be an afterthought, Metadata analysis is Key to succeed in transforming development of pipelines with eye on Data Quality!
  • Microservices is not only about services only its more about Data, we call it Data APIs
  • Lessons learned from the Growth projects(personalization, wallet/discounting, Gamification


MakeMyTrip - India’s #1 online travel platform having more than 70% of the traffic from mobile apps embarked on a journey to revolutionize its customer experience by building a scalable, personalized, machine learning based platform which powers onboarding, in-funnel and post-funnel engagement flows, such as ranking, dynamic pricing, persuasions, cross-sell and propensity models.
For a company like MakeMyTrip, the next wave of consumer growth is driven and powered by data products for personalization, context-aware mobile experiences. Having a better data architecture to ingest user activity streams (events), processing and data APIs enable a foundation for real-time feature generation for machine learning models.

Topics include:

  • Why common feature-store, removing dataset fragmentation caused by usecase-by-usecase approach!
  • Productionizing ML via standardization : MetaConfigs & FeatureCatalog | Reducing Data-Tech Debt
  • Developing Real-Time Serving store over Spark Streaming, Kafka, RocksDB, Akka HTTP Data APIs
  • Lifecycle of feature generation | Online(Near Real-Time) & Historical(Batch) Compute
  • Consistent Feature Engineering & Model Deployment for DSA: DataScience Automation

As Technology we leverage Kafka, Spark (Streaming, SQL), Scala, Python, AWS (S3, EMR, Glue and other services), DRUID, Hive, Presto, Cassandra, RocksDB, Redis, Akka HTTP

Speaker bio

Piyush Kumar
Head, Data Platform Engineering, MakeMyTrip
Serving as Director, Data Platform Engineering for India’s largest Online Travel Group (MakeMyTrip) with over a decade of experience in building large-scale high-performance systems and developing & architecting Data Products.
He has been part of the e-commerce Industry throughout his career in various technology leadership roles across different domains like comparison shopping, travel, marketplaces and managed teams in Website Operations, Security Operations & BigData.
In the past had co-founded startup Advisor Healthcare with a unique “Virtual Hospital” concept, based on marketplace model - where it enabled digital interactions between healthcare providers and patients.
Currently leading key strategic initiatives in data services/products for Personalization, context aware mobile experiences, Customer Segmentation and developing engagement platform over BigData systems.



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