Paritosh Umesan


Data enabled Journey to elevate Developer Experience

Submitted Apr 15, 2019

This crisp talk focuses on the challenges (or opportunities) which IT4IT and Engineering Productivity organizations face (or should seize).

The journey starts with why we need a system to seize this opportunity in place and the challenges one may face while they embark this journey. It will cover metrics, data and insights that needs to be produced and who will be the right target personas to be addressed to.


  • Problem/opportunity statement
  • Understanding data needs for embarking this journey
  • Identifying right metrics and KPIs
  • Data pipelines & data storage system
  • Data visualization, interpretation & notification
  • Benefits



Speaker bio

Paritosh is a SMTS at Salesforce. He has ten years of work experience in building & managing data driven products and has worked on Engineering, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Human Resource and Oil & Gas domains.



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