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A.I Insights for Sales


Jagadeesh Rajarajan


At Freshworks, we are building Freddy for Freshsales - An intelligent sales assistant. We will talk about the problems we solve using A.I, why we choose these problems and how we solve them.


  • A day in the life of a modern sales person
  • How can A.I help such a sales person ?
  • Lead Prioritisation based on lead’s FIT and Interest
  • The cost of missing a STAR Lead (Good FIT + High Interest)
  • Hitting the sales targets with focus
  • A.I Insights on sales deals
  • Suggested Next Best Action


Pen & Paper

Speaker bio

I am a Data Scientist and I’ve been building A.I for sales at Freshworks since the last 15 months. Prior to that, I was designing data science solutions for problems in the marketing landscape at Wingify.