Droidcon India

Droidcon's first Indian edition

Making Cross Platform Apps that Suck Less

James Hugman

31 January 2012

Demystifying Mobile Advertising

Aakrit Vaish

12 January 2012

Creating apps that work on all screen sizes

Ravi Vyas

2 February 2012

ListViews, custom controls and memory optimized applications.

Narayan Babu

21 August 2012

Hard Earned Android Programming Experiences

Kashif Razzaqui

12 January 2012

Cloud to Device Messaging

Vipul A M

10 February 2012

Android porting for dummies.

Amit Pundir

27 March 2012

Making robots using Android and Arduino

Sudar Muthu

1 February 2012

Android Products Made Easy with Texas Instruments Technology

Khasim Syed Mohammed

1 February 2012

Infusing Android with Social - Demo & Design Patterns

Kingsley Jegan Joseph

3 February 2012

Introduction to OpenGL in Android

Tamillharasan Chandran

9 February 2012

Enterprise application development, device administration API

Paramvir Singh

13 January 2012

Pricing models for android enterprise applications

Naga Chokkanathan

11 January 2012

Android Service Patterns

Shree Kumar

12 January 2012

Android multimedia internals

Alexy Joseph

10 February 2012

Sensors on Android

Chinmay V S

10 February 2012

CyanogenMod: An after-market, open source, community distribution for 60+ devices

Diogo Ferreira

11 January 2012