Droidcon India

Droidcon's first Indian edition

Narayan Babu


ListViews, custom controls and memory optimized applications.

Submitted Nov 5, 2011

For a intermediate Android developer this session will help him gain some new techniques insights and best practices, on how to effective use the Android Application framework to his advantage. Also, explores the common mistakes and how to eliminate them and optimize code.
This session would also open up various ways to build scalable and large applications on Android which involve complex controls like ListViews, custom controls and how to optimize memory usage.


  • Listviews are one of the most extensible and sophisticated UI controls which, most developers underuse. ListViews can be extended to create complex and innovative controls.
  • Building and extending Android stock controls to create beautiful and intuitive new controls and deploying them on Lists, fragments, activities etc.
  • How to effective control and optimize memory usage in a large Android application. Using various profiling tools, programming practices and simple hacks

Speaker bio

Narayan Babu is founder CEO of Dexetra which has created the Android Market chart topped Iris app and Friday (app).
Narayan has been an Android developer from the pre Android 1.0 days and has a deep understanding of the platform internals.


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