Cartonama Conference

Making the most of geospatial data, community mapping, and location-based services.

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The Energy & Resources Institute

Geohash System and "Nearby" searches


29 September 2012

Solving Where Am I Problem - Lokasi

Mayank Sharma

28 September 2012

GIS based framework for Real Estate Analytics

Venkateswaran M

4 October 2012

Building a location-based platform/application from Zero.


4 October 2012

3 real-world map-related projects

Sanjay Bhangar

29 September 2012

Mapping a Solution to an Unknown Location

Kristine Gali

28 September 2012

Locations services at Yahoo!

Sunil Pai

28 September 2012

Challenges and Best Practices when working with location based data.

Varun Shingal

28 September 2012

The Classic, the Radical and the Weird - A Brief History of Making Maps

Sumandro C

27 September 2012