Cartonama Conference

Making the most of geospatial data, community mapping, and location-based services.

The ‘Where’ question is central to our everyday lives. Geospatial data shapes our ability to answer that question and build intelligent applications, whether on the web or on your mobile device.

Supported by contributions from crowd-sourced data projects and open source software, geo data and its technology spectrum has grown impressively in recent years. In the face of this massive and diverse range of spatial data and technologies, the ability to choose effective methods for storage, retrieval and visualisation becomes critical .

The Cartonama conference is about geographic data, the technology behind it, the applications built around it and the overarching aspect of community and mobility.

We will organize workshops along with the conference. The goal would be to provide hands-on training to collect, store and visualize geographic data, and finally, to build location-based services with these tools. Workshop theme falls into:

  • Nature of Geospatial Data: Structure, Formats and Operations
  • Collection, Storage & Delivery of Geospatial Data: Crowd-sourced Models, Standards and Databases
  • Location-based Services: Front-end and Back-end tools to build and manage your applications
  • Leveraging Open Geographic Data Repositories: Using OpenStreetMap to visualize and tell stories through maps

You can submit your workshop proposals via the submissions through the funnel below.

##Speaking submissions
You can submit a proposal to speak at Cartonama via the submission funnel below. Please describe your proposal in as much detail as possible. Detail is important if you’d like to be voted up into the schedule.

Your submission will be up for public voting for up to 2 weeks before the event. For the final tally, we will only consider votes from ticket holders, as a way to ensure participants get exactly what they pay for.

Making a funnel submission does not guarantee final selection. Selected speakers will get a free ticket to the event (limited to one speaker per proposal). Proposers whose talks are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the prevailing rate for the day on which they made their proposal.

You can buy a ticket to the event here.

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Cartonama is HasGeek’s conference on mapping and location-based services. more

GIS based framework for Real Estate Analytics

Submitted Sep 11, 2012

To provide a contemporary perspective for understanding the Real estate Markets (Processes, Resources and Market participants) through a GIS based framework.


The real estate property life cycle comprises four elements:
i. Policy decisions that initiate the transaction
ii. Origination, following the acquisition of the property
iii. Operations, embracing the management of the property
iv. Conclusion, involving the disposition and completion of the property involvement.

The real estate process involves inherent interdependent symbiotic relationships between market participants (Developer, Capital Source, Service Provider and Space user). This session covers Spatial Analytics which involves integrating data from several disparate sources within a GIS based analytical framework. Data sources include but are not limited to census maps, cadastral maps, zoning master plans, market value publications of the government and surveys of leading developers to provide market value assessments.


An open mind and a basic understanding of maps.

Speaker bio

Venkat is an Analytics practitioner and currently works with Dell Global Analytics. He has rich experience across retail, financial services and Technology domains. His prior experiences include managing the KPO division at Ocwen Financial Corporation for providing Real Estate and Mortgage Loan servicing support to investment banks. He holds a B.Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.


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Cartonama is HasGeek’s conference on mapping and location-based services. more