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Sumandro C


The Classic, the Radical and the Weird - A Brief History of Making Maps

Submitted Aug 16, 2012

To take a run through the long history of cartography and pause briefly to look at various fabulous maps -- the classic ones, the radical ones and the weird ones. To explore the technological and political issues underlying these cartographic milestones.


We will take selected examples from the long history of cartography to see how concerns and technologies of map making have changed with the times -- from Catal Hoyuk village map, to Imago Mundi to the first operational GIS in Ottawa, to Christian Nold’s emotion mapping.


Curiosity about the long history of map making.

Speaker bio

Sumandro is a consulting researcher interested in information governance, urban development and data visualisation. He tweets as @ajantriks, contributes to The Pop Up City blog, and makes long presentations on NSSO data.



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