Anthill Inside 2019

A conference on AI and Deep Learning

Document digitization: rethinking with Deep Learning

Nischal HP, VP of Engineering and data science at omni:us

40 minutes20 January 2020

Closing talk: Feast - feature store for Machine Learning

Willem Pienaar, Lead of data science platform at GO-JEK

27 minutes20 January 2020

Artificial Intelligence for automated investment

Mira Abboud, CTO and data scientist at

33 minutes20 January 2020

Why you need an enterprise grade data labelling pipeline to scale your ML/AI pipelines

Bikram Sengupta, Director of Research and Innovation at iMerit

40 minutes20 January 2020

How we applied sampling algorithms to extract meaning from data

Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath, CTO at

26 minutes20 January 2020

ML application lifecycle: what is important at each stage

Srujana Merugu, Independent machine learning researcher

43 minutes20 January 2020

The shape of U

Nishant Sinha, Independent researcher and consultant at OffNote Labs

28 minutes20 January 2020

What can software learn from robots and math

Naman Kumar, Robotics and AI Lead at TartanSense

43 minutes20 January 2020

Rigorous evaluation of NLP models for real-world deployment

Sandya Mannarswamy, Independent NLP researcher

36 minutes20 January 2020
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Anthill Inside is a forum for conversations about Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, including: Tools Techniques Approaches for integrating AI and Deep Learning in products and businesses. Engineering for AI. more