Anthill Inside 2019

A conference on AI and Deep Learning

mira abboud


Artificial Intelligence for automated investment

Submitted Oct 14, 2019 introduced the use of AI for assisting investors in decision making. The technology behind it is based on machine learning algorithms for price patterns recognition, corporate fundamentals, and financial news analysis. The company offers customized AI to hedge funds as well as plug and play, fully automated trading strategies.


The talk will cover the following areas:
- AI in finance vs AI in other fields.
- Challenges faced while applying machine learning algorithms on stock market data (Daily data, problems of Over/Under fitting, fat tails, etc).
- Limitations/problems of Supervised and Unsupervised learning
- State of the art solutions.



Speaker bio

As a CTO and a data scientist at SAL, Dr. Mira Abboud leads Neotic’s long-term technology vision from supervising the technical team to improving the data science process development and is responsible for implementing new ideas after studying their feasibility. Mira is a Computer Sciences instructor at Lebanese University and researcher in the AI field. Holder of a Ph.D focused on AI and software architectures extraction, from local & Nantes (France) university. Her Publications include “Towards Using KDD for an Interactive Software Architecture Extraction” and “KDD extension tool for software architecture extraction”.


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