Telecom regulation in India


Telecommunication regulation in India

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in its efforts to revamp regulations in India has published the draft Indian Telecommmunication Bill 2022. The draft Bill proposes technology agnostic regulations, and inlcudes all forms of telecommunications infrastructure part of its scope for regulation. A future ready Bill designed to help the Government of India to regulate the sector, this Bill also includes Over the Top (OTT) applications like Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Zoom under the ambit of regulation. The impact of the draft Telecom Bill on the information technology sector can be severe, with the need for newer regulatory practices that engineers will have to adopt and adhere across the sector.

With this as the background, there is a need to understand current engineering practices in telecom sector and how the new bill will impact everyone as it gets enacted.

Why should engineers be interested in Telecom regulations.

The draft Bill is expected to change a variety of engineering practices across industry, including the need to relook at end-to-end encryted systems and information. As an engineer, product manager, and technical director of any company, you will be impacted with different regulatory compliance requirements. Rootconf community meetups on Telecom regulations in India can help you understand existing practices in the telecom industry, and help you prepare for the transition into the new regulatory regime.

Who else should attend the meetups?

Industry professionals, public policy professionals, lawyers and journalists are welcome to attend the meetups to understand the upcoming telecom regulations.

In-person meetups

The meetups will be held in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. These are in-person meetups. Register to participate.

Code of Conduct: Hasgeek’s Code of Conduct applies to all participants and speakers at the meetups.

COVID protocols and masking policy: In keeping with COVID protocols, the following is applicable to all participants:

  1. Participants attending the meetups in person must keep their vaccination certificate handy. The venue may ask you to show your vaccination certificate as proof of being fully vaccinated.
  2. Wearing masks is optional.

Contact information: For queries about the meetups, contact Hasgeek at or call (91)7676332020.

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