Optimizing costs of cloud infrastructures

Optimizing costs of cloud infrastructures

Practical case studies from enterprises and startups

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The evolution of the cloud in the last decade has radically simplified software deployment. Undoubtedly, major providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud have removed entry barriers for developers to either launch a new product or to scale infinitely. However, no software company can keep scaling without taking a look at the cost of infrastructure as a percentage of revenue.

Many companies today are struggling with cloud costs eating up a significant portion of their gross margins. In this programme, we will discuss the following:

  1. Mental Models for understanding cloud costs according to the stages of a company’s growth:
    a. Attribution
    b. Governance
    c. Baselining
    d. Leakage
  2. Ways to analyze spends, extract insights, and spot anomalies.
  3. Infrastructure planning, forecasting:
    a. Reservation Cycles.
    b. Optimization choices based on the nature of the workloads.

After the conference you will walk away with:
1. Tips and techniques to reduce costs on infrastructure on clouds such as AWS.
2. Process and governance model to run a cost-optimized infrastructure sustainably.

Who should participate:
1. Engineering Leaders (Directors, VP Engineering, Architects)
2. SRE and Infrastructure Managers and Architects.
3. Developers running infrastructure ranging from tens to thousands of servers.
4. Anyone interested in reducing their cloud spends.

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Every Penny Counts: Optimizing Google Cloud Platform Bills

Submitted Dec 16, 2021

While it may seem obvious, companies overlook their cloud costs and lengthy cloud invoices. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize and get more of a bang for your buck, this talk will be of interest to you. We’ll discuss the key points that affect your bill, common pitfalls and open-source tooling to optimize your GCP bills like a power user. GCP offers a well-rounded set of services that can address your business needs, but remember cloud is billed pay-as-you-go. This talk outlines practical steps you can take in the cloud today to ensure cloud cost success tomorrow.


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