Optimizing costs of cloud infrastructures

Optimizing costs of cloud infrastructures

Practical case studies from enterprises and startups



Pravanjan Choudhury

Pravanjan Choudhury


Tips and Tricks for Visibility, Optimization and Staying Optimized by Design

Submitted Sep 6, 2021

  1. Different Instruments of Cost Visibility in AWS
  • AWS Cost explorer
  • Using AWS Budgets as baselines and alerts
  1. Machine Reservations (Discount vs Optionality vs Liability)
  • A decision graph of reservation, on-demand, spot
  • Planning purchase of Savings Plan
  • Bulk or Systematic buying of reservations
  1. Tying Cost with Workloads
  • Real-time workload
  • Batch Workloads
  • Auto-scaling of Real-time Systems
  • Cloud-ready application
  • High Availability vs Cost


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