On Container Orchestration

Peer group discussions on running infrastructure in production

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Proposal submission closes on Dec 31, 2020, 11:00:00 PM

Proposal guidelines

We seek talks/Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions/debates/any other formats covering:

  1. Why you adopted Containers for your use case; before-after scenario.
  2. Costs - skills, monetary and resources - of using Containers for your use case.
  3. Alternatives to Kubernetes and Docker - and how these have worked for you; why did you choose alternatives.
  4. Configuring, scheduling, provisioning and deploying Containers.
  5. Resource allocation and capacity planning.
  6. Container security.
  7. Application workloads; load balancing.
  8. Related topics.

Suggest topics for someone to speak; or submit a presentation idea based on your work/experiences with Container Orchestration.

Audience for Container Orchestration sessions are primarily DevOps pratictioners and operations engineers.

Submit a session proposal

Proposal submission closes on 31 Dec 2020, 11:00 PM

All proposals

Ephemeral Kubernetes clusters with Crossplane and ArgoCD

Suraj Bankar

  • Tue, 05 May

Building an organization specific Kubernetes container PaaS

Denis Dsouza (@denisdsouza)

  • Mon, 04 May

Migrating from traditional EC2-like infra to Kubernetes

Ratnadeep Debnath (@rtnpro)

  • Mon, 13 Apr

Kubernetes from an Attacker's Perspective

Abhisek Datta (@abhisek)

  • Wed, 08 Apr