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Rootconf Sessions

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Dieudonné MUNGANGA


Student/Researcher - Computer Networks

Submitted Oct 5, 2020

Mobile broadband Networks still stand as Africa’s number one source of connectivity by the use of consumers’ mobile devices. Despite this increase, minimal efforts have been done in terms of Internet reliability and performance measurements to impose innovation and help users audit their connectivity costs and regulators to make informed decisions about policies and infrastructure investments. African countries’ individuals and businesses that provide Internet connectivity and servicesdo not have this empirical da We intend to carry a study to elaborate DR Congo’s current Internet performance and topology to measure QoS metrics (la-tency,download and upload speeds, packet loss), and QoE metrics (page load time, DNS resolution time, Time to First Byte) utilizing different measurement tools and distributibe probes (hardware and sofware) and awareness of RIPE Atlas network monitoring platform across 42 Asycronous Sys-tem Networks (ASNs) that will serve as vantage points.ta in theirs networks, hence a limitation to innovation and to the African internet research transparency.


  • Evolution of the Internet - What is the Internet measurement - Why measure? - What tools used? Internet Measurements around the world - Internet Measurements in low-income African countries


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Speaker bio

Prospective Masters student at the University of Cape Town, Low-income communities solution seeker, Honors degree in Computer Science at UCT, Cisco CCNA Certified, Ubiquity Wireless Networks certificied, 2 years experience as IT Assistant Manager in disadvantaged areas in the East of DR Congo.


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