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Case studies on how organizations implement data privacy.

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Data Privacy in cloud: “the challenges and how to address those”


Udit Pathak

The adoption of cloud is likely to continue growing at a rapid pace across all industries and sectors. Due to its game changing features such as rapid elasticity, scalability, pay as you use model and access from anywhere organisations are moving towards cloud adoption. While the adoption of cloud is prevailing, it has also raised challenges which includes privacy regulations. Like the adoption of cloud is growing, there have been a significant amount of progress in the field of data privacy as well, countries are developing the privacy laws to protect the rights of individuals. Understating the risk of data privacy in cloud is an important aspect an organization must consider and develop a strategy to develop organization structure, process, policy, and technology adoption in such as way that the data privacy requirements are justified.
This talk shall address the challenges of data privacy and how to address those.