Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Chennai)

On costs, scaling and securing cloud servers

Cloud Agnostic Webscale

Mohamed Imran K R

29 minutes29 November 2017 venturing to private cloud

Kalyanasundaram Somasundaram

33 minutes29 November 2017

Scaling zero to 150000 customers for Freshdesk

Kiran Darisi

31 minutes28 November 2017

The rocky road from monolithic to microservices architecture

Srinivasan Rangarajan

31 minutes28 November 2017

Building and scaling a log analytics platform - a serverless approach


32 minutes29 November 2017

PLUTUS : Tool for monitoring and alerting of costs incurred on AWS

Aayush Kumar

15 minutes29 November 2017

Lessons scaling operations to everyone @indix

Ashwanth Kumar

17 minutes29 November 2017

Ansible 101 workshop

Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

37 minutes 1 December 2017
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