Rootconf Delhi edition

On network engineering, infrastructure automation and DevOps

The Urban Myth Of Full Uptime

Submitted by Mohammad Gufran (@notgufran) on Nov 19, 2019

Section: Full talk (40 mins) Category: SRE Status: Rejected


Strategies to achieve high uptime at scale. The points this talk is going to cover are:

  1. A real-life case study
  2. Cloud Architecture
  3. Immutable infrastructure
  4. Infrastructure as code
  5. Secrets Management
  6. Service Discovery
  7. Container management and scheduling
  8. Blue Green Deployment
  9. Observability


  • About Me, My Company and My Situation
    • Set context for the rest of the headlines
    • Touch up on the legacy setup and infrastructure so that people can put the upcoming points in contrast with it
  • Causes of our downtime
    • Architecture
    • Poor Provisioning Practices
      • Hardware
      • Configuration
    • Lack of Monitoring
    • Missing Backups, DR and BC
    • Poor Technical Choices
      • Storing Data on single node
      • Scaling storage with LVM
      • Node local cache for distributed apps
      • Cyclic API calls
    • Security
      • Checked in secrets
      • Publicly accessible resources
      • Outdated and vulnerable versions of tools
    • Lack of Documentation and Testing
    • Takeaway - Typical problems faced in a poorly architected infrastructure
  • Architecture
    • What’s wrong with it
    • Designing immutable infrastructure
  • Poor Provisioning Practices
    • What’s wrong with it
    • Provisioning immutable resources with Terraform
    • Deploying and Configuring services in immutable fashion
  • Monitoring
    • What’s wrong with it
    • Implementing Observability
  • Backups, DR and BC
    • What’s wrong with it
    • Automated backups with redundant copies
  • Poor Technical Choices
    • What’s wrong with it
    • Fixing the mistakes made so far
  • Lack of Documentation and Testing
  • Summary

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