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Arnav Bhati


Microservices using Spring Boot - the new architecture for developers

Submitted Feb 20, 2019

Microservices is Service Oriented Architectural (SOA) style of constructing aggregation of many small loosely coupled services independent of each other.

In today’s industry we want everything to be independent of each other so that any changes made should not hamper any other servies and microservices does that for you.

At its core, microservices are about decoupling and dividing the system into more basic units of work.Microservice is about making the architecture at a module level work by dividing the problem into smaller problem in decoupled and simple fashion


Below is the agenda of microservices architecture :

  • What are Microservices
  • Microservices architecture
  • Advantages of using Microservices
  • Spring boot micro service demo
  • Workshop on creating spring boot services and using them as microservice


  • Laptop

Speaker bio

Speaker 1) Arnav Bhati - I am a Senior Technical Engineer at Red Hat. My domain is Java and Middleware Technologies.I have worked on multiple Java projects in Banking, Telecommunications, Middlewware and have helped tonne of customers in setting up there Middleware infrastructure.

Speaker 2) Sudhish Nair - I am currently working as Software Maintenance Engineer at Red Hat. I have worked in Banking and Insurance domain using Java and Middleware technologies. Has worked on projects converting Monolytic applications to Micro-services. Has experience in complete SDLC life cycle from requirement gathering to production delivery.


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