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Rootconf 2019

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Amit Nijhawan


Automated debugging with git

Submitted Feb 21, 2019

I would like to present a topic on Automated debugging with it. I will explain about high-level command git bisect allows you to automatically run a specified test procedure, while it’s crawling through your commit history to find the bad revision. a git bisect is a tool that allows you to find an offending commit. Let’s say you’ve come across a bug in your codebase and you’re unsure of when it was introduced. If you can find a commit where the code works properly and a commit where it doesn’t, you don’t have to trace down the offending commit by hand; git-bisect will do that for you.


I will explain about high-level command git bisect(Automated debugging with it) allows you to automatically run a specified test procedure.

Speaker bio

Amit Nijhawan - I am a Senior Technical Engineer at Red Hat. My domain is Java and Middleware Technologies and container technology.I have a great experince in Git and used in many products and projects. This topic already selected in QE camp and dev conf in Brno and India.


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