Rootconf 2019

Rootconf 2019

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Aravind G V


Audit Mitigate Compromised containers in Docker and Kubernetes

Submitted Mar 27, 2019

In this workshop,I will take a look at the best tools out there to help you secure your Docker environments and make sure no bad actors get into your container.Container security is still tricky, so you need to know which utilities to add to your arsenal.


Developers and Operations teams (DevOps) have moved towards containers and modern technologies. Attackers are catching up with these technologies and finding security flaws in them. In this workshop, we will look at how we can test for security issues and vulnerabilities in Dockerised environments . Throughout the workshop we will learn how we can find security misconfigurations, insecure defaults and container escape techniques to gain access to host operating system (or) clusters. In the workshop, we will look at real world scenarios where attackers compromised containers to gain the access to applications, data and other assets.


A laptop with administrator privileges. 10 GB of free Hard Disk Space and ideally 8 GB of RAM but minimum 4 GB
Basic knowledge of using the Linux command line
System administration basics like servers, applications configuration and deployment
Familiarity with container environments like Docker would be useful

Speaker bio

Aravind G V is a technologist. Helping teams to make the transition from traditional development practices to a modern set of culture, tooling, and processes that increase the release frequency and quality of software. He is awarded with 2 Patent for Mass Restoration of Enterprise Business Services, speaker, and subject matter expert in the area of DevOps Strategy, and Information Management.I own and publish my work in


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