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On infrastructure security, cloud architecture, cloud optimization and distributed systems

Let’s talk about routing security

Submitted by Anurag Bhatia (@anuragbhatia) on Monday, 8 April 2019


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This talk covers how (in)secure in the routing at the global scale, covers about IRR in detail. Includes examples, tools and challenges with IRR based BGP filtering. It also gives a brief introduction to RPKI as well as latest developments in this domain (AT&T doing RPKI based filtering, Google about to do IRR based filtering etc)


Included draft slides in the link below.

Speaker bio

I am working at Hurricane Electric and we operate one of largest interconnected network in the world.
We operate a backbone network in 41 countries across America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa region and interconnect with over 7400 networks via 26000 + BGP sessions in over 200 Internet Exchanges. A large part of this talk comes from our experiences of implementing IRR based BGP filtering in last few months.




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