Rootconf Pune edition

Rootconf Pune edition

On security, network engineering and distributed systems

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St. Laurn Hotel, Pune

About Rootconf Pune:

Rootconf Pune is a conference for:

  1. DevOps engineers
  2. Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)
  3. Security and DevSecOps professionals
  4. Software engineers
  5. Network engineers

The Pune edition will cover talks on:

  1. InfoSec and application security for DevOps programmers
  2. DNS and TLS 1.3
  3. SRE and distributed systems
  4. Containers and scaling

Speakers from Flipkart, Hotstar, Red Hat, Trusting Social, Appsecco, InfraCloud Technologies, among others, will share case studies from their experiences of building security, SRE and Devops in their organizations.


Two workshops will be held before and after Rootconf Pune:

  1. Full-day Prometheus training workshop on 20 September, conducted by Goutham V, contributor to Prometheus and developer at Grafana Labs. Details about the workshop are available here:
  2. Full-day DNS deep dive workshop on 22 September by Ashwin Murali:

Event venue:

Rootconf Pune will be held on 21 September at St. Laurn Hotel, Koregaon Park, Pune-411001.


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For information about the event, tickets (bulk discounts automatically apply on 5+ and 10+ tickets) and speaking, call Rootconf on 7676332020 or write to

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Gaurav Gahlot


Building Custom Tools with Docker API & SDK

Submitted Aug 2, 2019

Almost everyone wants to run their application as a Docker container. While it is an unquestionably great idea, managing Docker containers running on independent servers can be challenging.

While there are different tools available to manage your containers, it can sometimes be overwhelming. You may end up paying for a tool does not even do something the way you want it. That’s a common problem we face these days.

The talk considers a custom built, simple and straightforward application, to demonstrate how we can build custom tools to solve our problems. The application is built on top Docker API and uses the Docker SDK for GO.


Consider the following scenario:

You have a medium-sized project, and are transitioning from traditional deployments to containerization with Docker. You have five servers running about ten application containers each. Managing and monitoring those containers on individual servers is going to be unpleasant. Since you are in transition, purchasing a tool that can manage and monitor containers for you is not an option.

So, how do we solve this problem? Well, we can build a custom tool using the Docker API and SDK.

DockerDoodle is an open source project that helps solving the above problem. The intent is not to promote DockerDoodle but yto use it is an example to demonstrate how we can build custom tools to solve our problems. The application is built on top Docker API and uses the Docker SDK for GO.

The Content Outline:

  • Introduction to Docker
  • The Docker Architecture
  • Connecting to a Remote Docker Host (Demo)
  • The Docker API & SDK
  • Building Custom Tools - Why? & Where to start?
  • The Problem I Noticed
  • DockerDoodle Demo
  • DockerDoodle Architecture
  • Q&A


  • Basic understanding of Docker and containers

Speaker bio

I’m an experienced Software Engineer and my core competencies include Go, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps Practices, and Agile Methodologies. I’m an active contributor and have participated in many developer community events and conferences to share my knowledge and experience.

My most recent talks include:

  • Getting started with Docker, at C# Corner Annual Conference - Delhi, April 2019
  • Using DockerDoodle to manage your containers, at DockerCon Recap - Pune, June 2019

I have been twice recognized as C# Corner Most Valuable Professional for my contributions. I am also a passionate blogger and have been awarded the Most Valuable Blogger title by DZone.




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Sachin Shinde

“Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) via Azure DevOps (CI Server) pipeline using Terraform (Provisioning) & Salt Stack (Configuration) tool

In today’s fast paced software development world, we need underlying Infrastructure delivery also at same paced, that provide consistency , quality delivery of infrastructure component without compromising security requirements. Today we are living in cloud computing era, were the elasticity of the cloud paradigm and disposability of cloud machines should be truly leveraged. Building production g… more

02 Aug 2019